100% Satisfaction GuaranteedFlattop Coffee Roastery is all about providing you with coffee that is above and beyond anything you can buy at your local supermarket and in some cases, even your local coffee roaster. We do this by carefully controlling all of the variables that go into getting you the best coffee beans possible and even extend our efforts into teaching you how to brew the best cup of coffee or espresso possible.

Our efforts include:

  • Applying strict standards to the selection of beans that make it into our offerings
  • Carefully developing, testing, and maintaining the roast profiles that we use to roast the coffee
  • Ensuring that the roasted coffee is shipped to you within 24 hours of the actual roast and is delivered to you at the beginning of optimal consumption time (within 48 - 72 hours of the actual roast)
  • Educating you on the optimal way to prepare your coffee

We want you to be happy with all aspects of your experience with Flattop Coffee Roastery. If you aren't, then we have not succeeded in our mission. If you are dissatisfied with any aspect of our product, ordering experience, shipping and delivery, or even the coffee that you produce using our beans, we will make it right. We offer full replacement or refund on any order placed with Flattop Coffee Roastery within 30 days of the order date.

To request a refund or replacement, please send your order number and any details related to the request to: orders@flattopcoffee.com. Or you can call us at (970) 316-2228 and we will take care of the matter.